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  1. Candy Holberg says:

    Hello Audrey, this is Candy Holberg, Melba’s daughter in law. I have recently become the director of the Ukeladies here in Wimberley. Wouldn’t Melba be so proud? Samuel, our son, plays with the praise team at his church in College Station. Plays his fiddle and ukulele. He has begun collecting Ukes since a business trip, several years ago, took him to Hawaii and a tour at a ukulele factory. We are carrying on Mebla’s Legacy. Just wanted to share. Happy memories! Love strumming, Candy❤️

  2. Diane Harrison says:

    I had the privilege of hearing the Sunshiners band at the Gathering Place at Christ the Good Shepard Thurs, Aug 3. What an enthusiastic group of folks!!! I dare anyone to sit there w/o so much as a toe tap. You had them up dancing from the toddlers, teen helpers, and the seniors!! Wish I could see you play more often and even take some photos. I look forward to the next time I see you perform. Happy Days and Safe Travels to the group!!!

  3. René Rodriguez says:

    It was a so remarkable to have seen fellow musicians celebrate the life of Mr. Richard Jeffers at the Memorial Service on Saturday, February 21, 215. The celebration of a life well lived, and the joyous playing by the Sunshiners impacted my life significantly.

  4. Debbie Jones says:

    Hi Audry – I was so happy to see you this last weekend and wanted to look up your group. I just think you are so amazing! I want to be like you when I grow up! Luv ya!

  5. Well, I have never had the privilege of hearing the band, but I know you guys must be great because you have Selma with you. I have known her, and been amazed with her music, since the early 50’s. She is a great lady, and a fantastic musician. I know you have fun and bring joy wherever you go. God Bless you all!

  6. Bruce Mosier says:


    I am the leader of the Sunshiners and, indeed, met you in OK City (my wife is the washboard/stumpf fiddle player). We will see you in Eureka Springs later this month – we can talk about Nathan – what an incredible player. Be proud, Dad.

    Bruce Mosier

  7. Boyd Hanna says:

    Hello. I am the father of Nathan Hanna, and I met a couple of you guys in Oklahoma at the FIGA (banjo) convention last weekend and recalled that you were from La Marque. Nathan lives in Texas City and has a hard time finding folks who play the old jazz standards. If any one in the Sunshinersband is interested in playing with Nathan, we would greatly appreciate it. You can reach me at the e-mail above or call my cell at (409) 256-6298.

  8. shine says:

    This is the best band I have heard in a long time. They had us laughing and dancing and just having a good time. You need to hear this band.

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