Band Bios


Is the director of the band and tries to keep the zoo under control. She loves being in the band and appreciates the wide variety of music the band members choose from all genres and all eras. Pam is our youngest member, meaning that she will keep our music alive for many years to come.


Is our member who adds youth to our band. She is a physical therapist by trade and a closet ukulele player that has come out. Jan adds a bit of vamp to the band with her rendition of “Big Spender.” She loves to sing and entertain and is a wonderful asset to the band.


Jack is a lead guitarist who has played in rock and roll bands for most his life. This band is a new journey for him; learning a brand new genre. He is slowly falling in love with the new tunes and adding a new dimension to the band. You should hear him play “Boy From Ipanema.”


RoyDean is the newest member of our band. He plays the bass guitar and sings some really fun songs. RoyDean played cornet in high school and learned the bass guitar while playing in a worship team 10 years ago. He hasn’t played again until he joined the band and adds the missing depth and support that only a bass guitar can bring.