Band Bios


Is the director of the band and tries to keep the zoo under control. She loves being in the band and appreciates the wide variety of music the band members choose from all genres and all eras. Pam is our youngest member, meaning that she will keep our music alive for many years to come.

John O

Is a retired zookeeper and taught art parttime at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts. He is a Ukulele player and has a small collection. He is not much of a singer but is presently taking tips from his granddaughter and the other Sunshiner professionals. John has been a member of the band for 12 years and enjoys the bright lights and roar of the crowds.

John F

Originally from Minnesota, John was surrounded by music as his older brother’s big band practiced at their home. He took up saxophone and began writing arrangements in seventh grade. In Brownsville High School and Rice University he continued to write, orchestrate, direct, and play a variety of music including stage bands, jazz, barbershop quartets, and choral music. He and his wife Jane led the “Sounds of Celebration” choir for nearly 20 years at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in Houston. A mechanical engineer, John still teaches industrial seminars and is active in oil industry organizations.


Plays percussion and sings. She grew up singing in church and school choirs. She taught herself to play the Baritone Uke in her teens. In 2014, while recouping her own health, Nancy rediscovered her love of music. Soon after, she happily accepted the opportunity to join the Sunshiners, played Baritone Uke, is now playing percussion. After a 40-year career and a long illness, she finds being in the Sunshiners a wonderful gift to herself and says, “Bringing joy to others is an amazing experience which fills my heart.”


Is our member who adds youth to our band. She is a physical therapist by trade and a closet ukulele player that has come out. Jan adds a bit of vamp to the band with her rendition of “Big Spender.” She loves to sing and entertain and is a wonderful asset to the band.


Doug is a country/rock n’ roll king and plays a mean bass. He has been in bands his entire life and doesn’t just play the guitar and bass. While in high school, he made first chair trombone in the Oklahoma All State Band for four years. Quite a talented guy.


Jack is the newest member of our band. He is a lead guitarist who has played in rock and roll bands for most his life. This band is a new journey for him; learning a brand new genre. He is slowly falling in love with the new tunes and adding a new dimension to the band. You should hear him play “Boy From Ipanema.”


Plays ukulele, banjo and sings. Audrey was instrumental in forming the band. She’s a native of Boston, Mass., but got to Texas fast as she could! She’s an active grandmother with a flair for design and costuming. She loves upbeat, snazzy, jazzy songs! Audrey has needed to step away from the band for a while due to health reasons, but she is still with us in spirit.